Marko is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and audiovisual production. He has spent most of his life abroad where he has worked as a writer and producer in a number of different projects.

In 1985, he went on a location trip in Spain with Producer/Director Christopher Neame who was working on adapting Graham Greene’s novel Monsignor Quixote to film, and in the monastery of Oseira, while dining in the refectory with the Abbot and discussing the existence of God and the obscure hand of organized religion, the idea came to Marko to write a story about an atheist detective searching for God. It took him a while to complete; after several years of theological research, a wonderful marriage and two lovely children, it finally happened: The Odd Case of the Missing God.

Monastery of Oseira, Ourense

Then came marriage and two sons. And when those two sons started reading avidly, it was time to write a book. Nobody had done a series about a film school. I love the cinema, and I find it’s a wonderful medium to teach children and teenagers the difference between reality and fiction, the good and the bad, the then and now. Film is a school of images, of myriad ideas, of diversity, drama, comedy, history, fantasy, adventure, biography, and beautiful animation. Film is a vision, a voice; the art of creating unimaginable worlds on the screen. That is Film High.

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