A Few Reflections

When Marko is not chasing history in remote monasteries and ancient temples, he tries to stop thinking, freeze time in his mind and go blank. That’s when words pop up and poetry has its say.


The Sun and the Soul

The sun walks into my sight

Pushing away the dark contours of the night,

Now I envision my dreams with light,

My soul has been awoken and has taken flight.



It is much like life,

that sudden inspiration,

it is much like death…

lonely clouds,

lost in the blue skies,

no more tears.


Rapid Reflections

With every wind, Heaven whispers.

Time ticks by; I give it the right of way.

The words I know make my small Universe.

The silence I know, makes everything else.

Life is no picnic.


A Few Xtraflections

I need money to buy time, and once bought, I eventually will throw time out of the window.

The best dinner always ends in breakfast.

Man sleeps and dreams and in the morning, when he wakes up, his sleep turns to light, and his dreams to dust

Love – is it not that moment when the soul swallows the heart?